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Travis Nova 

Sound Designer + Composer + Music Editor


Hello! My name is Travis Nova, and music is my life! I am a Sound Designer/Composer/Music Editor - I also release music as an Electronic Musician (Stereo Choir) - and moonlight as a Voice Over Artist!  

Here I will be showcasing my Sound Design demos, portfolio of Voice Talent, Film Scores and Music I release as Stereo Choir. 

I have worked with clients such as HBO, NBC Universal, Nickelodeon, and Roku as an Assistant Music Editor. My main DAW is Pro Tools and I have the technical and creative expertise needed to help bring your projects to life in regards to the world of Sound/Music or Voice. Contact me if I can be of any help for your next project! 


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Sound Design
Zelda BotW: REDONE Sound Design by Travis Nova
Zelda BotW: REDONE Sound Design & Walkthrough by Travis Nova
Alma REDONE Sound Design by Travis Nova

Sound Design